Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy

The biggest beauty breakthrough of the decade!


Drastically reduce stress, fight insomnia, decrease symptoms of depression, kill bacteria, boost your immune system, reverse the signs of aging and energize your entire body!

LED Light Therapy is the use of light to create a soothing and anti-aging effect on the skin and is an energy renewal system for the whole body. It is quickly becoming recognized as one of the safest, fastest, and most affordable ways to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin. It reduces mental fatigue, relieves aches and pains, boosts the immune system and increases energy.

It’s non-invasive, safe for all skin types, builds collagen and elastin, raises serotonin levels and uses no lasers, injections, chemicals or surgery.


Light Therapy helps fight:

■ Insomnia

■ Fatigue

■ Depression

■ Acne

■ Inflammation

■ Pre-mature Aging

Each 30 minute, blissful light session can give you the equivalent of a full night’s rest PLUS many of these Spa like Benefits:

✓ Rejuvenation of the skin, face, hands, age spots and hair.

✓ Profound stress relief

✓ Energy renewal

✓ Deep Sense of Well-Being

✓ Mood Lifting

✓ Sleep Enhancement

✓ Alpha and Theta “Brain Wave Entrancement”


How the Light Works:

Led Light Therapy is the use of specific types of light which give off energy that stimulates and heals your cells, thereby increasing the production of collagen and elestain. In turn, this makes your skin firmer, less wrinkled, and younger looking! This is known as LED Light Therapy.LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Diodes give off energy in the form of light. These little diodes are compact, durable, powerful, bright, efficient, and non-invasive.

Studies show that skin exposed to LED light wavelengths grows 150-200% faster. Therefore, as LED therapy improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, it also promotes the healing of wounds, scars and burns. This happens because skin has a high blood and water content, so it quickly absorbs red light to produce enough energy to cause a healing response from the body.

NASA uses LED therapy to treat muscle and bone atrophy and decreased healing of wounds in astronauts. The US Navy also uses LED therapy on deep-sea submarines. Leading cancer treatment specialists are using LED lights to activate light-sensitive cancer treatment pills and having outstanding results in fighting otherwise unreachable brain tumors. LED therapy is advancing the treatment of chemotherapy side effects such as severe mouth sores and lesions.


How the Acne Light Works:

LED blue light therapy helps to kill the acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and provide a general rejuvenation effect on the skin.

Acne begins when the pores become clogged or blocked and bacteria starts to grow, resulting in whiteheads and blackheads. The whitehead or blackhead releases its contents onto the surface of the skin and either heals or, it can rupture and inflammatory acne can take place.


What Light Therapy can do for YOU:

■Help Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

■Firm and Tone Your Skin

■Reduce Pore Size

■Control Acne using blue light acne therapy

■Restore Skin’s Youthful Radiance and Appearance

■Enhance Collagen Production

■Reduce Stress

■Increase Your Energy Levels

■Help You Sleep Deeper

■Boost Immune System


When you come in for your Light therapy session, you are bathed in healing therapeutic light that gives you the equivalent of a full night’s rest! You are giving yourself the high quality, personal nurturing that you deserve. You’ve chosen to take a break from years of stress, and reverse the aging process.

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